Create Music Slide Shows with Free Slide Show Software

Free Slide Show Software allows you to create stunning music slide shows using your family photos and music of your choosing.

Music slide shows are a great way to preserve photos and share them with family and friends.

While most all slide show software has a free version, a more feature-rich version is usally available for a reasonable price.

In addition one can add cool captions (optional). I've downloaded and experimented with many free slide show software titles.

I can tell you that most all of the free slide show software, that I downloaded, has been very easy to use. A child could build a slide show with the great software that exists today.

What Are Your Going to Do with all those Photos?

The answer is simple. Put them into a very impressive slide show.

Over the past year, I scanned just about every photo that I'd taken. This amounted to several thousand pictures spanning seventeen years.

Now I only take digital pictures, so I shouldn't have much scanning to do in the future.

A Sample Slide Show

The link below will open up a small 13 picture slide show. I created it with ProShow Gold.

Of all the slide show software that I've used, this is my favorite. Perhaps a better one will come along someday, but for now ProShow Gold rules.

One more thing before you watch the show. Proshow Gold does much more than you see in the little slide show that I put together.

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