Special Mother's Day Issue

This is Michael... It's Mother's Day and I wanted to wish all the mother's and grandmother's out there, around the world, a very Happy Mother's Day.

I've included a few inspiring quotes for your reading pleasure on this special day.

Special Note I was trying to think of something that I could give as a small gift to those who subscribe to this newsletter.

I realize many of you already have a copy of Memorygrabber, my downloadable lifestory workbook, but here's a chance to give everyone you know a free copy.

As you know, I am big on preserving family memories. I'd like to take this occassion to get as many copies out to as many moms, grandmother's and friends that have moms and grandmother's as possible.

If you need another copy, download one for yourself as well!

Here is the download page for Memorygrabber. This is the full version and it is without cost until midnight on Tuesday the 16th. At that time I'll have to password-protect the page again (lock it).

So, please forward this e-mail to all those who you know before Tuesday.

Have them go to this page and download Memorygrabber:

Download Lifestory Workbook

Mother's Day Inspirational Reading

I selected these quotes from reading that I did this past week. I really loved them. I hope that you will as well.

A little girl, when asked where her home was, replied "Where Mother is."

Keith L. Brooks



I love the word keepsake. It is the opposite of over-looked, discarded and forgotten. Special moments find their way into the treasure chest of our memories and become keepsakes of the heart.

Alice Gray


Mother's, don't ever forget the permanence of your imprint. The kids may seem ungrateful, they may act irresponsible, they may even ignore, your reminders and forget your advice. But believe this... they cannot erase your influence.

Charles R. Swindoll From The Finishing Touch


The best place to be when you are sad is in Grandma's lap.

Author Unknown


The reason God made grandmas is they are sweet, they comfort you when you're down and most of all....because they love you.

Breanah Shantel Gray, Age 8

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