May 9th 2006

Hello to All,

Welcome to this issue of The Family History News and Product Review Newsletter. I hope that it finds you and your family well!

Also, let me wish all moms, out there, a Happy Mother's Day!

Well, spring has finally arrived in Montana. I'm loving life!

This summer is shaping up to be a very busy one for The Boyter family. We are 65 days away from moving 2600 miles back to Alaska.

We are excited and can hardly wait.

The main feature of this newsletter is about a great new way that one can record stories from ones life and publish them to CD. Very interesting reading!

I can tell you this. It is much better than using an old-fashioned tape recorder, like many of had to use in the past.

You might even want to consider this as a Mother's Day gift.

If you have comments, about anything in this newsletter, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.


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This issue highlights all that's new at the website!


1. Record A Lifestory--Brand New Do-it-Yourself Audio Biography Service Launches!

2. NEW! Video Tutorials for Passage Express Multimedia Software (formerly Family History CD)

3. Web Biographies
"I once thought that I wanted to be famous, then I realized that I just wanted to be remembered"

4. Family Photos on Canvas Your photos turned into beautiful portraits on canvas


The following four websites are sponsors for this issue. Please pay them a visit. Each is a good friend of mine and each has put a ton of work into their sites for your benefit.
Live for Today...Prepare for Tomorrow!
Hiring a Professional to Write Your Story
"If it's worth's worth remembering with pictures!"
Bringing Together The Generations


Record Your Biography Service Just Released........


I've come to the conclusion that if you want your parents to sit down and write or record stories from their life, you are going to have to..

1. Make it easy for them

2. You'll probably have to start it with/for them

3. It needs to be something that you can do with them as a project

If you have been asking again and again for your parents or grandparents to write down their stories, you'll really be interested in this.

If you have doubts that they'll ever sit down and write those old family stories down, please don't skip this part of the newsletter.

And of course, if it is you that has been procrastinating, or dreading all the work that might be involved with writing your own lifestory, please pay extra attention!

I think that I have the perfect solution for you...

Can you talk on the phone? We all know how to do that and we all do it quite well, right?

You are one of the first to know about this....

I discovered a new, yet unheralded lifestory recording system. It was created by Mark Kohls of Green Bay Wisconsin and it only recently went live!

Real simply, here is how it works!

1. You sign up for the service. Choose from a two hour interview package all the way up to a 25 hour package.

2. Choose up to 1000 questions to answer. Included is the ability to add your own questions.

3. Over the course of days, weeks or months, begin answering via the telephone 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Whenever it is most convenient for you!

4. Once finished your audio biography is shipped as a CD set to your home! That simple.

If you live near family, sit down together and use a speakerphone. The interview will be much easier and smoother.

And, here's the best part.

Even is you live far from family, and many of us do, Mark's Lifestory Interview system can still be utilized.

I, as an example, use three-way calling to connect myself (in Montana) with my mother (in Oregon) and we both can be connected with The Lifestory Interview system (in Wisconsin...just so you know!)

I've found that this system is super easy to use and that it makes the process of preserving priceless family stories so much easier. And it feels great to know that those stories that I cherished as a child are finally getting preserved (on CD).

Many people wait until it is too late.

I was thrilled when I first discovered this! I got a 25 hour biography package for my parents almost immediately.

I twisted Mark's arm to ensure that all subscribers to my newsletter could get a discount on the normal price. I was successful!

ENTER the special code 7789 once on the order page and all interview packages will be reduced in price by 10%. This price break is only guaranteed through Mother's Day.

You can go to the site and create a free trial account. Play with it and see if you like it. I'm very sure that you will. Follow this link to go to the Lifestory Recording website

Have fun with it. You'll love it!


Time to put all of your family history documents, photos, video, audio and genealogy research and more onto CD or DVD.

I just finished several short demonstration videos. These videos show you step by step how this software works!

I dare you to watch the video tutorials and not want a copy of Passage Express.


A new Web site has launched in beta which offers free space (currently up to 10MB) for writing your own autobiography, posting photos and videos, and even a section for "Last Words" to be posted only upon confirmation of your passing. You can create biographies for your ancestors too, and biographies can be connected to form a family tree.

This service is worth checking out. I opened an account and love what I see so far. Works great if you have a copy of Memorygrabber.

The site doesn't offer memory prompts of it's own.

4. Canvas On Demand Send Canvas on Demand a photo of you, your pet, your child, or an old home you use to live in and they will turn it into a work of art. If you choose the "brush-stroke" option, your photo will appear as if it were a painting.

See for yourself! Go here:


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