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Family Picture Calendar -- Calendar Creation Software for Work and Family

CALENDAR SOFTWARE UPDATE: This program has been recently updated!

The Family Picture Calendar is calendar creation software that makes it easy for anyone to create customized professional looking calendars that can be printed and hung on your wall or sent to family via e-mail and used as your desktop background!

With The Family Picture Calendar you can supply each member of your family with an organized daily reminder of birthdays and anniversaries helping to promote family ties and unity.

Family history is also encouraged with the inclusion of events to honor family members no longer living.

The Family Picture Calendar also features a convenient (pocket or purse) Shopping List with several months worth of family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays printed on a single tri-folded sheet.

You need enter the information only once to print up-to-date calendars for years to come.

The Benefits of a Family Calendar

Does an official [Your Family Name Here] Family Calendar exist?

Now is the perfect time to get started! Family Picture Calendar is calendar creation software that makes it real easy to do!

I looked for a long time to find calendar software like this.

Family Picture Calendar helps you create, and distribute a professional and enviable family calendar that CAN be easily maintained in your spare time and quickly and conveniently sent out over e-mail to all your family member, month by month, year after year.

Preserve Family Events and History

Your family calendar should include the date by date, historical happenings and modern events in your family's history...and the events would accumulate as time went on.

The events need only be entered once. Even if you cannot remember the exact dates of events, don't let that stop you. Narrow it down and commemorate the event month.

Family Picture Calendar is the all in one way to gather together important family dates, events and old family pictures; then combine them together helping your highly mobile and spread-out family stay and feel closer to each other.

I know you will be thrilled and excited when you see for yourself how Family Picture Calendar will help you gather and share your family's past events and current happenings in the perfect official family calendar!

This Calendar Concept isn't Just for the Holidays!

For years sports teams and celebrities have had their own fan calendars which listed events and "nice to know" facts about their selves and/or organization.

Well now it's your turn! Your family has a history to preserve. I'm mainly talking about the recent history that you, yourself, have lived through.

Your family calendar can be made for your immediate family or more inclusive, to include your adult brothers and sisters, parents, cousins and others.

Compile your old photographs (you needed something to do with them anyway, right?), events and facts about your family and produce and distribute a great looking calendar to your family.

You'll not only impress them, but help keep your family closer and on the same page (calendar page that is!), month after month.

Add Family Events and Dates to a Calendar just like Holidays Appear now!

Add Dates of Birth: Start out byincluding the birth dates of all the family to include, siblings,parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews etc.

Family Picture Calendar even lets you print out a shopping list so that you'll neverforget a birthday again. It's always embarrassing to forget birthdays important dates.

Add Your Family's Ancestral Information: If you or someone in your family has done any genealogy work on your family tree, include on the official family calendar some of the more prominent and interesting facts and that have been researched and discovered about your ancestral history.

Never forget the importance of adding at least the birth date of deceased family members, especially grandparents.

It's too easy to stop talking about those who have passed on, but seeing their name come up on your family calendar presents a great opportunity to teach your children about their grandparents and great-grandparents.

Kids today don't know much about those who only came a generation or two before them!

  • Do you know any family immigration stories or information? If so, consider including that in the calendar as well!

    Anniversaries: Yep, add them in for yourself, parents, grandparents etc... and have them appear in the appropriate spots, year after year on your calendar.

    Special Family Events: This is the best section of all. Here are some of the things that I put in my own family calendar...I'm sure you'll come up with more for your own family calendar:

    On/During this date/month in...

    "...1953, Mom's family moved from Kentucky to Oregon"
  • "...1962, Dad's family moved from Utah to Oregon"
  • "...1867, G-g-great grandfather and mother Boyter immigrate from Scotland"
  • "...1987, Grandpa retired from the mill"
  • "...1985, Michael met Sheri the first time"
  • "...1971, Richard and Karent were married"
  • "...1998, little Jenny, age 7, won blue ribbon at state fair"
  • "...uncle Jim passed away from cancer; 1945-2000"

...and the list could go on and on with events from your family's distant and not so distant past.

Then, don't forget to add upcoming family events that may be of interest to the whole family such as "June 6th, Mom and Dad to travel to Jason's college graduation", or "July 10th, 8th Annual Johnson Family Reunion".

There are hundreds of different bits of memorable family times that you will want to include when you get started on your family calendar.

Add Pictures! Old ones and New Ones -- Add them to your Calendar to Make it Real Special

Include 9 to 14 pictures per monthly calendar (depending on the month)!

I have literally boxes of old pictures stashed away and I bet you do as well. It is possible to insert up to ten pictures per monthly calendar.

You can't image the fun I had finding and placing old family pictures into my monthly calendars. I went back and found old photos of family members that I've had stashed away for years.

I then scanned them and used them during corresponding birthday and anniversary months!

Prepare yourself for the fun reactions that you'll receive from your family once they see the calendar that you created!

Finally I have something to do with them all!

Don't have pictures in your house that many in your family has never seen or at least hasn't seen in a very long time.

Here's Something Fun!

Just find an old picture of your sister(for example) with her old hairdo, include it during her birthday month, and wait for the fun reactions from the family.

Sending Your Calendar to Family is Simple and Dynamic

Sending a copy of a new months calendar is as easy as sending any normal picture.

Your parents, grandparents and siblings, or whoever you send a copy to, can either print it out and hang it on their wall or they can save it as their computer desktop picture.

If used as the desktop picture, each time you or your family turns on their computer, they will instantly see the family calendar that you sent them. Just one more way to keep a close-knit family despite the miles that separate you

Get Your Whole Family to Contribute Pictures, Events and Ideas

"Imagine this..."

Once you create and send a month or two ofyour family calendar to your relatives, manywill find pictures and recall events that theywill want included on the calendar!

With Family Picture Calendar, you are able toprint out "questionnaires" to be sent to each family member. This makes it very simple foryour family to submit their information to you for inclusions in the family calendar.

I think you can see that this has the potentialto be a very easy and fun way to put togethera information-packed family calendar.

Today's Family Events Become Tomorrows Family History

Encourage your relatives to print out a copy, hang it on their wall and write in new events as they happen.

Some examples would be when little ones get their first tooth or when an older child leaves home for college.

They can call you at the end of each month and update you with their particular family's happenings that will be of common interest to the rest of the family.

Each of these, an other, events would then be added by you and appear on the family calendar each year on the anniversary of the event.

This keeps your family calendar growing and growing!

Detail-Rich Features of Family Picture Calendar

  • Prints customized, professional quality, family oriented wall calendars.

    Automatic Birthday and Anniversary year counts.

    Event pictures: Saved with any event then automatically placed in the empty date squares for that month.

    Auto Font Sizing: Re-sizes all fonts in a given date square to help eliminate overflow.

    Holiday files: Holiday events added automatically.

    True Print-Preview feature: Saves ink and paper.

    Save calendar as a picture file: Load into Word or use as wallpaper, etc.

    Prints a unique (purse sized) Gift & Card Shopping List.

    Enter events and pictures once, print calendars for years to come.

    Self-Translating feature. Modify any standard words that appear on the calendar.

    International date formats: Enter dates compatible with your country code.

    Export formatted calendar data to the Palm Desktop and MS Outlook using vCalendar.

    Export to Yahoo's web calendar. Receive e-mail alerts from Yahoo.

    Supports letter, legal, 11 x 17, A4, A5 & executive paper sizes.

    Powerful Multi-Date scheduling tool.

    Style Set Feature: Save and re-load sets of colors, fonts, margins, backgrounds, etc.

    Automatically converts calendar files from 16 bit "Family Calendar" program.

    Calendar preview available from desktop icon without opening program.

    As you begin filling in the dates, family events from years gone by and other information unique to your family, you will understand how Family Picture Calendar will help your family:
  • - Stay closer
    - Share it's common history
    - Preserve easily lost family stories
    - Teach your children their family heritage.

    Download A Free Demo Version of Family Picture Calendar

    Make and Send Your Family's Calendar Quickly and experience necessary!

Family Picture Calendar is so user friendly that even an older child could produce a professional looking calendar that anyone would be proud to display on their wall or computer desktop.

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Still Have Questions about Family Picture Calendar?

CLICK HERE to Read Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions!

Hurry, There's Still Time to Create a Beautiful Calendar for Next Month!

Month after month you'll have the enjoyment and satisfaction of being your family's family "historian" as you weave together and preserve the events and times that truly make your family different from the rest.

If you don't do it, who will?

Family Picture Calendar makes a great Christmas/Holiday gift. Make just one calendar, and you'll have a gift for everyone in the family once you send a copy via e-mail!

Order Without Risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order Family Picture Calendar today, and if it's not everything that I said it is, simply ask for a FULL refund and I will return your full purchase price with absolutely No Questions Asked.

It's that simple...It's the way I like to be treated when I make purchases of my own on the Web.

If you need any help downloading or using your copy of Family Picture Calendar, rest assured that I or my partner Mr. Doug East will be there to help you each step of the way.

CLICK HERE to ORDER Family Picture Calendar Today!

... Or Download a Free Demo of Family Picture Calendar First. 

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