How Boring Can Your Life Really Be?

By Michael R. Boyter

This really puzzles me!

So many people today believe their life is so boring that nobody would possibly want to read about their life story.

But these same people would admit that stumbling upon an old journal or writings of a great grandparent, for example, would be a treasure beyond contemplation.

I ask you…what's the difference between your life and that of an ancestor?

The parallels between the lives your ancestors lived and the life that you now live are relative.

You're great-grandma didn't write about her life because she didn't think her life was anything special. To hear her tell it, her life was boring. You don't write for the very same reason.

You're great-grandma now has great grandchildren wishing that she had done and thought differently. Someday you'll have great-grandchildren that will wish and hope the same of you!

Great-grandma lived to see some of the biggest events and inventions known to man. She most likely lived through World War I, The Great Depression. She witnessed the invention of the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, electricity, radio, the Industrial Revolution and so much more!

Likewise, you live in a time of no less greatness and arguably the most exciting period in history!

You live in an age of the Internet, fiber optics and broadband. Space stations hover over head in the heavens along with satellites that warn you of approaching storms, weeks ahead. You can email somebody in Africa from your bedroom computer desk and have it arrive in light-seconds! Now that's really reaching out and touching someone!

You also live in a time when you can talk on a phone that weighs ounces; call practically anyone anywhere; all while standing in an isolated desert somewhere.

You've, most likely, lived through Desert Storm, remember Watergate, witnessed the collapse of communism, survived disco and the Beatles Invasion and now experience the high-tech revolution on a daily basis.

What do you mean your life is boring and that nobody would want to read about your life?

Here is an example of all things being relative and that history truly does repeat itself.

Do you ever wonder what great-grandma thought about the invention of the automobile? I mean, how did she "take to it"?

Did she love it?
Did she think it was nonsense?
Did she think it was someone's crazy idea that wouldn't amount to anything?
Did she keep using a horse and buggy for as long as she could?
Or, did she embrace the idea and become one of the first automobile owners in her town?
What was her reaction as she took her first ride in a car?

Wouldn't it be nice to know such information?

Now, back to you.

Someday your great-grandchildren will wonder the very same thing concerning you and the Internet. Is this too far fetched to fathom?

Concerning the invention of the Internet and computers…

Did you love it?
Did you think it was nonsense?
Did you think it was someone's crazy idea that wouldn't amount to anything?
Did you keep using "paper" for as long as you could?
Or, did you embrace the idea becoming one of the first computer and Internet users in your town?
What was your reaction the first time you surfed the Net?

To someone, sometime…this will be "nice to know" information!

Your descendants will someday number in the thousands. Do not underestimate the impact that your few preserved words today will have on future generations. It may be far greater than you may ever know.

So, I challenge each of you to pick up that pen and paper, or even a tape recorder, and get busy!


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