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Memorygrabber Screenshots

The images that you see on this page are of pages contained within the
260 page Memorygrabber, a fill-in-the-blank lifestory workbook.

Some of the images may appear a tiny bit blurry.  At least they do on
screen.  This is because the screen images were shrunk down some to
fit on this page.  

The actual pages in Memorygrabber are crystal clear!

Memorygrabber Cover Graphic

Autobiography cover graphic

This page is the very first page that you begin to fill out

 Memorygrabber Screenshot

This is page 1 of the Grade School pages where you will begin work on
remembering those first six wonderful years of school

Memorygrabber - School Days

Siblings Data Entry Page:  Here you will fill in a siblings page for each brother and sister

Memorygrabber- Siblings

List Building: This is just one of many list building exercise pages!  Each page
containing four lists is followed by an overflow page where you can elaborate on any
great memories that a particular list stir up

Memorygrabber Lists

Rapid-Fire Questions: One of several pages where you simply answer yes or no to each question.... but more importantly, is there a story behind your answer?

Memorygrabber Screenshots2

Maternal Grandfather:  You will be including information and experiences about and with all four of your grandparents.  This particular page is only the first page for your maternal grandfather.

Memorygrabber screenshot 6

Dating My Future Spouse:
 This page explores some of the most wonderful memories of your lives...those shared during the dating years with our future spouse.
This is only one of several pages on this topic!

Future S Spouse Screenshot

There are a total of 264 pages in the Memorygrabber workbook.  Please note that some are intentionally left blank to provide additional space to write, in greater detail, about
events in your life.

I know that you'll enjoy the whole process of capturing, once and for all, the story of
your life or that of a parent or grandparent. ..that may need your assistance (read:nudging) to do so!  :)

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