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Personal Journaling: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your ChildrenPersonal journaling " chronicles their own personal story; their family, their victories, their challenges, their goals, dream" and creates "one of the more priceless collections for themselves and their families as the years roll on".

 A Father's Hand Specials Father's Day Story "They wrote the letters home and trembled and shook when I buried my parents and spouse. They have held children, consoled neighbors, and shook in fists of anger when I didn't understand..." 

Digital Photo Storage When it comes to your family’s digital photo storage, what are the odds that yours will ever survive and actually be seen by your grandchildren?

Family Traditions When we say family tradition, we instantly think of the holiday season, but there are traditions that we observe throughout the entire year. These include the "non-traditional tradition" that we don't even consider as tradition.

Monkeys Don't WriteThe only difference between monkeys and humans is that humans write and monkeys do not?  Agree or disagree?

Making Memories with a Family Movie Night - The more time you spend together as a family, the stronger your bond will be and the more memories you will create.

Personal Journaling with a "Forensic" Twist Journal writers sometimes regret periods of silence in their journal writing.  Big chunks of life go missing during key moments of their lives. Time for some "forensic" personal journaling!  Are you ready?

Preschool Memories....Memories before age 5 One of the most vivid "preschool memories" that I have of my life prior to age 5 is when I was two years old and I managed my way onto one of my great-uncles young, unbroken and high-strung horses by using a small step latter. 

 Of Listing Making and Journal Prompts We write all kinds of lists everyday! From grocery lists to "to-do" lists, we all write them without worrying about our level of writing skill, right? So why not apply this way of writing to life stories, autobiographies and journal writing?

Get ready for an adventure down Memory Lane as you explore the dusty long-forgotten recesses of your memory! 

Old Family Stories  I sat and listened as this man told me this story. I kept silent and held my excitement inside until he finished telling the story. I had heard that exact same story countless times at family gatherings since my childhood. Now here was a complete “stranger” telling me the same story.

Grandpa Was a Mover Grandpa became my best friend at a very early age. He taught me to read and write before I went to school and never stopped teaching me. He instilled in me an unquenchable thirst for learning. Because we were always together, I was quickly dubbed his "little buddy." My sister arrived five years after I did, and things seemed to fit perfectly when she and my grandmother bonded in much the same way.

Finding Treasure in Your Attic ! While rifling around a dusty attic or basement may not be as romantic as finding a 4,000-year-old pottery shard, it, nevertheless can yield some interesting finds. It's amazing what can be found in old trunks and shoeboxes. 

Professional Journal Writing The focus of a professional journal is tracking what you have worked on, and what you are working on. A professional journal can include your "thought processes" as you handle each day's tasks, and even record your ideas and epiphanies as they occur during the course of work.

Create a Digitized Annual Family Archive
An interactive archive full of your digital photos (all the best ones that were taken in the past year), movie clips and/or documents of nearly any kind. Anything that will describe and tell of (your) family life throughout the year.

Your Family's Year in Review Keeping family memories and stories alive is very important to aid in the cohesiveness of family and it can be a very rewarding experience to look back to see where we were and how we’ve grown over the past year.

Time in My Pocket - Accounting for A Life Lived In another ten years it will be gone and so will I, and his memory will be erased like a message in the sand. IF NOT FOR MY DIARIES, I WOULD SWEAR I HAD LIVED ONLY HALF AS LONG AS I HAVE

Flunking Family History If someone were to give your children a "test" that covers many of the details of your life, and included questions about their own family's history, how do you think they'd do?

Family Historian It's hard for me to imagine that my g-g-g-great grandchildren could be reading of my life in the year 2200. Imagine how the world will change by then and how the time in which we now live will contrast against theirs.

Preserving Your Family History from Disaster A disaster, of any kind, is never a pleasant experience, but at least there is insurance to build again and to buy new furniture. But let's talk about what is not insured. Things that once lost, are gone for ever!

Re-Energize Your Journal Writing Today for Tomorrow
This is your chance to be, perhaps, more honest about what you believe in than you ever have. Don't miss your chance!

What Your Children Will Want to Know The ability to "compare notes" inspires confidence and can cause a calming effect in our children. This can be derived in knowing that their parents faced some of the same tough challenges early in their lives, thus giving them the strength and perseverance to do the same.

Attending Funeral of Someone I Never Met "I could tell stories about my father forever, but I am proud to say that if you really want to know what my father was like....just know that I am my father!

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