Family Reunion Activities and Family Reunion Game Ideas That Bring Family Closer Together and Help Preserve Family History

When planning family reunion activities, don't forget to include games and activities to share family memories and heritage.

A Family Trivia Game

A homemade family trivia game is a perfect family reunion activity. You can model this game after the popular "Trivial Pursuit" game or just about any other popular game format.

One of the easiest ways to plan it is to ask family members to send you (via email or ask for them upon arrival) to give you 3-5 trivia questions about themselves and/or about another member of the family.

Then divide up in teams or play as individuals.

Sample family trivia questions might be something like these.

  • "I once played in a polka band when I was in college. Who am I?"
  • "What country did great-great-grandma and grandpa Smith immigrate from?"
  • "True or False - grandpa Jones was the oldest of 7 children?"

Family reunion games ideas like this will not only help family members get to know each other better, but will also be a lot of fun as well.The greatest benefit may be the conversations that these questions spark.

The Who Am I Game

Family reunion activities should not only be fun, but they should also be set up to help extended family get to know each other better. For this activity, you'll need to request that each family member send a picture of themselves, from back in their younger days.

Once the pictures are received, mark the back of each picture with a number. Then record the name of each family member on a separate sheet of paper....the answer key, if you will.

Once the reunion starts, hand out a sheet of paper with the numbers on it. Then pass around the pictures (or post them to a wall) and have everyone individually try and guess who is who!

Designate A Family History Hot Seat

Of all of the family reunion activities, this might be the most enjoyable and beneficial.

Off to the side, set up a home video camera that is focused on one single chair....the "hot seat". Encourage each member of the family to take their turn in the "hot seat", by answer random life story questions.

You or someone you assign, will turn the video camera on and off and ask a preset number of random questions. Three to five questions is about the right amount. For older members of the family, more questions might be in order.

Example questions might be:

  • 1. Where did you attend second grade and tell a fond memory from that school year.
  • 2. Tell about how you and your spouse first met
  • 3. Who is the oldest relative that you can remember?

  • 4. Talk about something that you broke or needed stitches for
  • 5. Do you have any special memories of visiting your grandparents, as a young kid?
  • 6. List all of the places that you have lived, in your lifetime...and tell an interesting story, that you can recall, about any particular one of those locations.

Lists of fun and interesting questions can be found online. You might also want to consider a great memory-sparking downloadable ebook like Memorygrabber.

So, if you are the lucky one that has the task of planning a family reunion, don't forget to include these family-history-focused family reunion activities . They will be fun, bring family closer together and will, most likely, be talked about for years to come.

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