Genealogy Software Choices

With Over Forty Popular Family Tree Software Programs To Choose From, It Might Be a
Tough Decision

Genealogy software is central to any one of the millions of us that claim genealogy a hobby. And for many of us that hobby has become a passion!

Our heritage matters. We put high value on ancestry and our family lineage. Knowing something about those we descend from has tremendous value in our lives.

The use of genealogy software, such as TreeSync family tree maker gives the genealogist, of any level, more power to harness information than any of us could have imaged 10 or 20 years ago. This is information that years ago we'd have had to travel to large libraries, churches, universities and graveyards to get.

Here are just some of the powerful features and benefits that most family tree software titles provide:

1. Access to very large online databases. Has some of your line already been done by someone else? You can find out!

2. Amazing charts, graphs and reports that help you to visualize your work. Of all things I think this is my favorite genealogy software feature.

3. The power of organization. Keep better track of who is related to who and how. Easily locate duplicate entries.

4. The ability to share your information with family and/or fellow researchers.

5. Ability to add photos, video, family stories and other digitized family memorabilia. How did your great-grandfather meet your great-grandmother? How did they live during the wars? This will truly help you appreciate the lives your ancestors lived.

6. The ability to easily publish your compiled information into a book that all your family will appreciate. 

Most Popular Family Tree Software

With over 40 commonly known software titles, you might have to do some investigating to best determine the one for you. Like any other type of software, many of these titles offer a trial download so that you can evaluate before you buy. 

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