Hi, I am Michael Boyter. Thank you for visiting the Family History Products website.

I am a native of the State of Oregon. I was born in Roseburg Oregon in the mid 1960s. I grew up 7 miles south of there in a small town by the name of Winston. Population 3000 +.

I met my wife at our local community college. We were married 10 months later. We will be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary in August 2014.

We are proud parents of six children...four boys and two girls. They range in age from 9 years up to 25  years old.

Over the years, my wife and I have made our home in quite a few places, within the U.S. We had the great experience of living in Berling, Germany during the time that the Berlin Wall fell. Now we make our home in Wasilla Alaska, located in the beautiful Matanuska Valley!

Over the years I've had the priviledge to travel to several other parts of the world including Ireland, England, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. All great experiences that I cherish.

I graduated from the Defense Language Institute in 1987. I studied the German language there. 

The Website Begins

I began FamilyHistoryProducts.com in August of 2000 with my e-book, Memorygrabber. The concept of the site is to make preserving family memories and personal histories quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

I've set out to create and find some of the most interesting and imaginative ways to preserve these memories.

My family history articles have been published in hundreds of newsletters and on many web sites to include www.nationalbusiness.org.

Grandma Is My Inspiration

I give all the credit to my grandma Boyter for my interest in family history. Genealogy is of an interest to me, but it is the stories behind the names and dates that really excite me the most.

My grandmother, many times, would tuck photo copies of old family journals into our Christmas presents when I was a kid.

I'd often be found reading those journals (some from the mid 1800s) on many Christmas afternoons. The rest of my gifts sitting idly by.

Hobbies and Interests

Besides family history, I enjoy playing the piano, building income-generating websites, video editing, traveling, anything about Alaska and going on dates with my wife...almost every Friday night.

Well, I hope you enjoy the Web site. I have much more planned for it in the near future.

Best Regards,

Michael Boyter

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