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Blank Pedigree Chart Downloads

Printable Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets

Choose a blank pedigree chart from the links below that you like best. Once the pedigree chart is opened, save it to your computer.

If you are using FoxIt Software, you will be able to type your information onto the screen. FoxIt is a PDF reader much like the Adobe Reader, but FoxIt will let you type and save your information right on the form...or in this case a pedigree form or family group sheet.

Each of these blank pedigree charts are printable and can be manually filled-in with a pencil.

Tips for Completing a Printable Pedigree Chart

  1. List your name in position #1 on the left side of the chart.

  2. Positions 2 and 3 will list your father and your mother!

  3. Continue building to the right, including grandparents, great-grandparents etc

  4. Always use CAPITAL LETTERS when writing names on these charts

  5. Always use MAIDEN NAMES for any female listed on your chart

Pedigree Charts

As a minimum, complete on pedigree chart that lists you on line #1. Additional pedigree charts can be completed with each of your children listed in position #1.

Pedigree Chart #1 – Latter-Day Saint version from the Brigham Young University Website

Pedigree Chart #2 - Non-LDS version also from BYU

Pedigree Chart #3 – Several Unique Charts from Misbach.org

Pedigree Chart #4 – Simple pedigree chart from Ancestry.com

More Blank Family Tree Charts

Family Tree Template - Help With Family Tree Charts

For a large selection of Family Tree Template Charts from Obituarieshelp.org go to http://www.obituarieshelp.org/free_printable_blank_family_tree.html

Family Group Sheets

The Family Group Sheet is used to include vital information for one family each. The family group sheet lists the father and mother at the top, with all of the children, from that union, listed on the bottom half of the sheet.

Most family group sheets will ask for names of former spouses. Complete a new family group sheet for each marriage.

As a minimum complete four family group sheets, one with you as father or mother, another with you listed as one of the children and the other two showing your parents as children.

If you have grown children, complete family group sheets for each, showing their spouse's information and the children that they have together

Family Group Sheet #1 - Ancestry.com

Family Group Sheet #2 – FamilyTreeMagazine.com

Family Group Sheet #3 – FreeFamilyTreeCharts.com – Be sure to check out the charts on this site!

Family Group Sheet #4 - Auburn University

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