from struggle into a better life...

by Mel

Hotel where we celebrated our baby's birthday with my mom

Hotel where we celebrated our baby's birthday with my mom

The City of Water falls is our place in one of the tropical country in Asia; my mom was born and raised there like me & my brother & our dad is from the other city which is located nearby.

It's more than 3 decade where I alwys remember the hardship, the struggle of our simple & poor life.But Glory to God to the Highest & His kindness that He never leave us even the hardest & difficult times in our life.

I remember when we were in grade school; early morning I alwys calls my dad from a small vegetable garden (where he harvest vegetable & sell it to our neighbors) & informed him that it's already 7:00 a.m. & it's time for him to take a bath and go to work as a carpenter in the city; that is my daily routine before going to school.And in weekends I usually go to the market place & sell vegetable also with our neighbors.

With 10 - 20$ a day by spending 2-3hrs under the heat of the sun just to earn money & help my parents. And when I sold all of my vegetable, I always make sure that I buy something for them to eat or a bread for our breakfast or maybe just give the money to my Mom.

One day, I was wearing my uniform getting ready to go to school.Suddenly, my eyes we're filled with tears as I wear my foot socks; as it doesn't fit to me at all as the garter losses already & unfortunately we don't have money to buy for a new pair.So,my mom get a rubberbond & inserted it under my socks just to fit it on my legs & go to school.

My mom prepared for me and my brother a banana for our snacks in school as we don't have money for our daily allowance but still we successfully graduated with awards in Primary &High School.

When in college, things were getting better little by little.My dad as a carpenter has been promoted as the Head of the Maintainance in our school where
we studied & both me & my brother got scholarship where tuition fees are free.And my mom got an office job nearby.

By that time,we begin to taste hamburger where we cannot afford during our old years & even eat ice creams.

After 2 years of my graduation I applied jobs going abroad & then I luckily & blessed that I got hired & signed a 3years contract; but the wage was not that high to support my family but the eagerness to earn & to have a better life is there & it is the only reason I continue working & leave a lonely life abroad far from family.

So after I finished my contract I decided to shift into a new work & after I finished my new contract I resigned as I meet this guy my husband & got married & blessed with a baby girl.

When our little girl turn 1 year old, my husband & I decided to leave her with my mom & I followed my husband abroad to work again. That's the toughest decision I've ever done in my whole life living our child far from us; but I just thought that very moment that we are doing that just for her own future & one day we can be together & have a good life.

And I got a good job in one of the best COmpany in the world & the pay is good more than we expected.By that time, we bought our own house & bought a car for my family way back home & now we shifted in a new country somewhere in Asia only & waiting for our daughter to come & be with us hopefully next month in God's time.

I am still supporting my parents financially even I have my own family.As they are my life & inspiration.I invited my mom & dad to visit us but,unfortunately only my mom made it as my dad said he will just visit us hopefully next month.And that is the most awaited one.

That's my life story & we need to always thanks God for everything.

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