Life List Writing Magic

Apply the High Voltage Effect of Life List Writing to Your Life Story Project -- Great Writing Skills Not Required!

We write all kinds of lists everyday!

From grocery lists to "to-do" lists, we all write them without worrying about our level of writing skill, right? So why not apply this way of writing to life stories, autobiographies and journal writing?

With Life List Magic you are given over 200 "memory-mining" writing prompt that you answer in the form of a list.

It's both a simple and powerful technique all at once!

Get ready for an adventure down Memory Lane as you explore the dusty long-forgotten recesses of your memory! Here are some sample prompts:

  • List all the vehicles that you and your parents have owned (Each car will have you remembering dates, breakdowns, family vacations and other memories galore!)
  • List the people that have had the biggest impact in your life
  • List old friends you’ve lost contact with but would like to see again
  • Create a list of places that have special meaning to you (and your spouse?)
  • List/inventory all your broken bones, scars and stitches ... how did you get them?
  • List the times that you have cried your eyes out
  • List the compliments that you receive on a regular basis
  • List all the things you've only experienced once

I'd better stop there, but the Life List Magic eBook contains 210 such list-making memory prompts.

The GOAL of these list exercises is to spark so many memories that you can't help but want to tell the story!

If you are a great writer...go for it. Use this eBook as a springboard to many full-length stories.

If you are a little self conscious about your writing skills you will love this writing technique as well, because it simplifies the writing process.

You have to agree that jotting down a list of words and notes is much easier to do than worrying about sentences and paragraphs.

When it comes down to it, I don't think we should worry about our writing skills, but if you do...Life List Magic was made with youin mind!

Life List Writing is quite simply the fastest, easiest and most fun way of putting to paper all those stories from your life. You'll remember events that you haven't thought of in years.

I know, because this way of lifestory writing has had that exact effect on me! It's been a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Life List Magic is 75 pages, contains 210 lists to create and isavailable as a download (eBook) ONLY!

As with anything I offer from this website, Life List Magic is backed up with my unconditional 100% "no hassle" satisfaction guarantee.

This cool downloadable eBook is available at an introductory price of only $9.95. I know that you'll enjoy it!