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Thank you for registering your copy of The Journal andMemorygrabber.

Because of your purchase you are able to get a copy of thee-book version of Memorygrabber.

Memorygrabber, as you may already know, is a workbookfull of memory prompts. Memory prompts is actually puttingit lightly.

The Memorygrabber e-book is 264 pages and can be usedas a stand-alone product or it can be a great sourceof journal and writing ideas that can be used withinThe Journal.

You'll Need a PDF Reader

This e-book is published in the PDF format. It can be opened and viewed with either The Acrobat Reader ora newer (and I think better) PDF reader called Foxit.

Foxit is a shorter download AND it will allow you to type your answers right onto the PDF page itself.

This is part of it's "typewriter" function.

Two important things to note here though are ....

1. The typewriter function of Foxit still isn't availablefor a Mac computer

2. The typewriter function is available even in the freeversion of the PDF reader, BUT it will put a demo mark inthe upper right hand corner of your saved pages.

The mark is small and unobtrusive. If you ever decided toget their paid version, those demo marks would disappear.

The free version gives you a chance to try it and see if you like it. If you don't, at least you haven't paidout any money for it.

Okay, here are the download links:

Download Memorygrabber

Go Get a Free Copy of The Foxit Reader

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