My memories

by Anonymous

So i'm only 12 but it's christmas day and I got cd's and decided to out them on my ipod. I was flicking through the songs and I wanna hold your hand came on.

I love the song to death and then I thought back to when I was smaller, how mum used to sing it all the time and we'd dance around the kitchen and sing it or my little sunshine. We also had this cd with these lovely kids songs on it.

It was then I began to thinks how mum never sings at all anymore. My little brother is a nightmare and really stresses her out. She's the best mum ever but does ALL the housework.

I now am going to do the best I can to make her happy because my parents won't be around for ever. Both my moms parents have died but I have fond memories of my grandad even though he died over 7 years ago and my nana who died 3 or 4 years ago.

My dad's parents are still alive but i know they won't be around for ever either. This year has been a tough year for my family. Because my grandad nearly died. We drove 3 hours to get to him. All the adults took turns in staying with him.

Nearly every evening we'd go to my cousins and all the kids would go to the playroom. We talked about grandad every time and how even our dads had been crying (most of my dads siblings are men). It was such a sad time.

One night I was goin with
my cousin to stay at her house. My grandad had only been realeased but was brought back in by ambulance. The neighbours were all asking my uncle how was he and all that and we saw a shooting star. Me and my cousin both wished he'd get better.

And when my uncle got in to the van he asked us had we seen the star and we said yes and he said I think I know what you wished for and we left it at that.

My grandad was special. I lived with him for a year or so and we were very close. He would always bring me sweets even when mom said no and he always said he used to fit me in his pocket when i was a baby (but I don't think so) and he'd go asleep on the couch and i'd curl up on his belly and fall asleep too bouncing up and down on his belly with every breath.

He thankfully pulled through. And recently a good few close family friends have died. 1 on monday and 1 a month or 2 ago on her birthday. I really am afraid of death but i'm going to make the most of my families lives and create more happy memories. And i'm going to try get mum to give up the cigarettes!!!


Hello Anonymous from Ireland!

Thank you very much for posting your story. Sounds like you have a very good head on your shoulders. Spend as much time as you can with family. In the end great memories are what matter most.

Merry Christmas,

Michael Boyter

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