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Organize Your Digital Scrapbook Ideas Onto One Multimedia CD-ROM

Gather, Organize and Share Your Digital Scrapbook Layouts, Genealogy Files, Digital Documents, Pictures, Audio and Video Recordings onto one interactive Multi-Media CD-ROM.

Do you have computer files that you'd like to share with others?
(Maybe documents, pictures, audio/video clips, family trees, or other files.)

Why not create your own interactive, customized CD-ROM?!

Family History CD makes this easy. It guides you through the steps of organizing and labeling your files, and helps you design your own creative front page with buttons linking to the files.

Family History CD will burn auto-run CD's for you that will work on any Windows computer (Windows 95 or later).

The features of this software make using your CD a snap. Your friends and relatives just point and click.

You design your own custom front page with buttons that link to your files. Any file type can be used, and special accommodations are made for pictures (slide shows and more) and PDF files

You and your family will be able to create these lasting memories with minimal computer expertise.

Pictures can be imported quickly using the drag-and-drop features.

Listen to the Story Behind this Highly Helpful Software

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Download the 59 Page Family History CD Manual Free - It's full of screen shots and detailed instruction, giving you a close up look at this great new piece of software. A 15 Day Trial copy of the Family HistoryCD software, is also available via this form. PrivacyPolicy: I promise to never sell,rent or give your information to anyone. Your information will be use solelyto send you information about Family History CD andFamilyHistoryProducts.com, in general.

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New Features

Imports Roots Magic©, PAF© and Legacy Family Tree© Files

Family History CD can now import your special pictures, audio, and video files directly and automatically from your your favorite genealogy software. No need to re-type titles, descriptions, or dates!

Choose from many options to import just the items that you want.

Genealogy File Viewer

If you want to include a genealogy file in your CD project, a genealogy viewer will be added to the CD. If the computer running your CD already has genealogy software installed for that type of file, then the program will attempt to open it with the resident software. If the computer does not have genealogy software, then the file will be opened with GenViewer Lite. This eliminates the need for every computer to have genealogy software already installed.

GenViewer Lite can read GEDCOM, PAF 3- 5, TMG 4 (The Master Genealogist), Family Tree Maker, and Legacy 3-5 files.

GENViewer Lite© 1.10 by
MudCreek Software, Inc.

Standard Features

File Organizer

Family History CD makes it easy to gather, group, categorize, and name your files. You can enter descriptions and instructions for your files, as well as special features for pictures.

Front Page Designer

Once your files are organized, you design your own creative front page with buttons linking to groups or individual files. This will be what automatically appears when your CD is inserted in a computer. Just point and click to add pictures, backgrounds, text, colors, and buttons.

"Face Labels"

Once pictures have been added to your project, it's easy to make "face labels"--people just need to point the mouse at someone's face and see the name pop up underneath! This is especially useful for pictures with a large number of people in them. It's much easier than reading a list of names in the caption, trying to match them up with people in the picture.

Built-in Image Viewer and Slide Show

Your CD's that you burn will have a nice picture viewer built in--no extra software is needed. Also, choose the "slide show" option, sit back, and enjoy the show!

Automatic PDF Support

Should you choose to add PDF documents to your project, Adobe Acrobat Reader will be automatically included on your CD, just in case those viewing your CD don't already have a PDF viewer.

Burns the Auto-run CD's for you

When your project is ready, just click a button to have Family History CD burn the CD's for you. No other software is needed. When you give a CD to a friend, they just pop it into their computer (Windows 95 or higher) and your front page automatically appears! They just click the buttons to view your project.

Innovative "Help" System

When you need help, the "Help" buttons bring up on-screen messages that explain things in plain English. (If you need more help than that, you can always view the 55-page user manual.)

Fast and Easy to Use

If you already have your documents, pictures, or other files ready to go, you can have a CD in your hands to send to a friend in only a matter of a few hours. (Depending on your project, sometimes much less!)

...and more!

The features don't stop there!

Additonal Features

  • Import Files From PAF, Legacy and RootsMagic Genealogy Programs
  • Special support for pictures and PDF documents
  • Automatically creates full-screen slide shows
  • Actually burns the CD for you (no need to use other cd-burning software)
  • CD's you burn will run on all modern Windows versions (95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP)
  • CD automatically runs when put into the computer
  • Present Family History information to relatives where they simply point and click with the mouse
  • Family History CDs make great (and inexpensive) gifts
  • Helps you preserve and distribute the family history information that is on your computer
  • ...and more!

Many Ways to Use Family History CD

Although Family History CD is tailored to help with family history projects, it can be used as a basic organizing and custom archiving tool, or to create digital photo albums to share with anyone.

Business records can be organized, as well as school documents, tax records, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

...And here are some more great ideas.


Use Family History CD to create a memorable anniversary CD to give as a gift to grandparents, your parents or, how about, your own spouse.

For grandparents or parents, work by yourself or with fellow siblings to put together everything you can about them. Include pictures and video from over the years as well as scanned copies of items such as marriage certificates and any other documentation about their lives together.

Perhaps each sibling could write a tribute to each parent and include it on the CD, as well. Then present the CD on the actual anniversary, as a wonderful gift. A gift that they will cherish forever.

For Your Spouse: If you are a guy, this will get you off of your wife's "you are not romantic enough" list forever!

If you've been married a number of years, creating a multimedia CD-ROM chronicling your years together will make the perfect gift for your spouse.

Combine old photographs and video along with scanned love notes, journal entries, letters and anything else that the two of you have shared together and that makes each of you think of special times together.

A Wedding Gift

Create a photo collection of both bride and groom, as children growing up. Use the slide show feature, of Family History CD, and have the slide show playing silently at the wedding reception. The families will love it and it will make a beautiful gift for bride and groom.

...Or use Family History CD to tell the story of the wedding itself. Combine pictures, from the wedding, with reminiscent memories (about the bride and groom) solicited from the friends and family that attended the wedding and reception.

Include a scanned copy of the guest book and scan all of those wedding cards.

Package it all up into a very attractive CD-ROM and present it to the bride and groom, shortly after the wedding.

Baby Book

If you have adult children, this is an especially good idea.

If you are like most, you probably started a baby book for your children, only to become so busy raising them, that you never finished the baby book.

Well, now that they are grown, why not use Family History CD to create a CD-ROM for each of your children.

Gather together everything that represents your child's first 18 years or so. Besides using photographs and scanned memorabilia, from your children's lives, be sure to write down the memories that you hold dear, of each of your children. They will appreciate it!

Get creative and see if you can fill up an entire CD with 18 years worth of lifetime. I'm betting that you can!


Before the reunion, use Family History CD to compile a record of family memories and events from over the years. Present each family member with a memory-packed CD at the reunion gathering.

...Or use the occasion itself, to create an entirely new multimedia CD-ROM that included pictures and events surrounding the reunion. Pass them out to all those who attended, soon afterwards.

Trip/Vacation Documenter

Have you taken a big trip, recently? Planning to take one? Why not use a tool like Family History CD to document it all and preserve the memories forever.

Children's Art Work

Perhaps this shouldn't be a category, by itself, but if you have young children at home that continually love to draw you "special" pictures and give them to you that say: "to dad" or "to mom". And what about some of the great art projects they proudly bring home from school.

You probably receive so many of them and you realize you can't keep all of them. You house will be full before long. But don't you feel so guilty deciding which ones to throw away and which ones to keep? I know that I did, but not anymore.

The solution is to scan these "masterpieces" and you might want to include them all on a neatly organized CD-ROM. Finish it all out with captions, titles and use the "Face-Over" feature of Family History CD to explain the sometimes hieroglyphic-drawings that our children do.

Face-Label for Your Pictures

The Face-Label feature of Family History CD is one of those features, alone, that makes Family History CD a "must-have" for serious genealogist and family history oriented people, like yourself.

While preparing your pictures, for your CD-ROM project, enter a title at the top of the photo and then any explanation, if needed, below the picture.

Then, you can draw squares around any face in the picture and type the name of the individual.

The squares are ONLY visible to you, during the creation process. Those who receive your completed CD-ROM will only need to move their mouse cursor over an individual in the picture and the name will "magically" appear!

Those you show your pictures to will be very impressed!

I recall as a child a very large box of black and white family pictures at grandma's house. My grandma knew who everyone was in those pictures. My mother knew who most were. Today, I might be able to recognize some, I know for a fact, that my kids wouldn't know anyone.

To this day, my mother doesn't know what happened to those pictures, but my point here is to demonstrate just how quickly family history can be lost, generation to generation, forever.

Family Picture CD will make sure this doesn't happen with your family pictures. All persons can be identified and once and forever, plus your pictures will be preserved digitally and distributed, via CD-ROM, to family. They'll never be completely lost. This is a great feeling.

...And Still One More Ways to Use the Face-Label Feature

Faces are not the only parts of a pictures that can be used. Select any part of a photo. Draw a square and explain what that object is. Those who receive your CD-ROM will have hours of fun exploring your photographs and learning, thanks to the face-over feature.

For example, highlight that old car that inconspicuously appears in the background of a picture. If there is something memorable or noteworthy about that car, explain it with a face-over.

You may not be around to explain the stories behind your pictures forever, but your CD-ROM, created by Family History CD, will. There isn't another picture album like it.

Add the Finishing Touch!

Below are several sample front pages. CLICK HERE to See MORE Great covers created by users of Family History CD software!:

Family History CD...

...Is a way for genealogists and family history buffs to share and show off, if you will, all what they've found with the rest of the family

...Will help you reduce your risk of losing priceless family history, by being able to cheaply reproduce multiple copies of your CD-ROM for family members

... Assists in gathering and organizing all those many files that you have on your computer, in your closets at home, in those shoe boxes, etc...

...Provides a quick and convenient way of sharing your photographs with built-in slide show software...and much more!

Family History CD is Something that we all Need Desperately

Family History CD will provide incentive to go on the hunt for all kinds of family history that you have around your house and on your computer.

Family History CD will then get you more organized than you ever have been before.

Boxes full of old family pictures, papers and documents will be easily reduced to a single CD-ROM!

Order Family History CD Risk Free for 30 days

Your order is backed by my personal, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If for any reason, you do not like Family History CD, I will promptly refund your full purchase price.

Celebrate and Save on the Purchase of Family History CD

(UPDATE November 28th 2005) Family History CD has undergone a huge upgrade and is now called Passage Express. You will love the huge improvements. Passage Express sells for $49.95 plus shipping and handling

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