Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories

Sharing Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving tradition is synonymous with family.

As a youngster I have very fond memories of spending Thanksgiving celebrations with extended family.

We usually gathered at my grandparents home. Aunts and uncles, and of course cousins, were there.

Grandpa sat at the head of the table and we stuffed ourselves with the traditional Thanksgiving foods. But we also had a few of our own favorites.

One of my favorite dishes was Mandarin Orange Salad. Basically you combine one container of whipped topping, one container of sour cream, add some mandarin oranges and then about a half a bag of small marshmallows. Just mix it all together.

It is very good! And to me, it wasn't Thanksgiving without that salad. Even now as an adult, this dish is still made in our home each and every Thanksgiving. Our kids love it and I bet they carry on the tradition.

Thanksgiving Celebrations Are About Family

Thanksgiving traditions also included story telling. Grandma and grandpa were always good for stories about the family gatherings in the past. They shared memories from their childhood and family stories that they remembered.

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity for families to gather, reconnect, enjoy each others company and to talk and share family stories and memories.

I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to get your family "elders" to talk. Write these stories down and/or record them. What ever you do this year to preserve family memories, stories and traditions will gain in "value" as the years roll by.

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Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

Tell about the Thanksgiving traditions that your family observes. What do you remember the most? The food, the family football games, family togetherness or something else?

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