Quickly and Easily Take Notes and Prepare for Class--The Journal Makes the Perfect Student Journal!

Get organized! With The Journal you can create a separate category for each class or major project. Use the calendar to easily make future entries to mark when assignments are due. And know that with The Journal's powerful, built-in searching you can quickly find whatever you're looking for in seconds!

Take The Journal with you to class! If you have a laptop computer, you can take The Journal with you to class. No more trying to puzzle out your handwriting hours later! Enter your notes directly into The Journal!

Make a record of your college life! "The college years are a time of major change and major decisions -- no pun intended. For the first time, you are really on your own, and the decisions and experiences you’ll be going through over the next few years will determine the direction of your life. This is the ideal time for a journal..."

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