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Inspirational Tales of How and Why Others are Preserving Memories

Preserving memories is something that everyone has a vested interest in.

In the end all we will leave our children, that is of any real value, are the memories and the love we gave them.

While most people in the world are more concerned with the happenings of celebrities and other things of naught, others are cataloging and preserving the memories from their lives, family memories and those of our communities.

This activity goes on quietly and behind the scenes. You won't hear about it on the evening news.

This web page will be an ongoing list of examples of those who've caught the vision and are preserving memories before the opportunities disappears.

preserving memories
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I hope that these articles will inspire you to preserve memories more often and to enjoy life more everyday!

I'll be scouring the publications out there for more great stuff, so in the meantime ..... Happy reading!

The Generation's Project

Article written by journalist Daniel Limmer who spent time in an assisted living facility culling the memories and wisdom of a generation that experienced the great depression, World War II and also 9-11.

The average age of the group he spent time with was 88 years old. Together they shared memories of good times and bad so that the rest of us could experiences these memories of a generation.

Feb 24th 2008

Share Memories in Journal
"A journal outlining experiences encountered in my life is my legacy to my grandchildren, to help them know the different times in which I lived and perhaps give them a compass to compare with their own life experiences. I once sat down with my grandfather on his front porch back in the '70s and had the good sense about me to write down the memories he recalled about his childhood".

Feb 10th 2008

Cades Cove Memories

"The Abbott family grew apple trees and a garden in the little valley in front of their house, he said. They also had milk cows, chickens and would grow a hog, he said.

Some of the fondest memories of the life in the cove, Shults said, were after supper when her mother would teach the children to sing."

Songs that Bring Back Warm Memories
"When my daughters were little they loved it when I would sit at the piano or grab my guitar and play and sing “Daddy’s Little Girl.” And now when I hear it or play it, gentle warm feelings engulf me, to say the least."

Feb 7th 2008

Preserving Memories
Often, memories of a loved one are lost within two generations, and the stories are changed so they may no longer resemble actual events

A married couple in Maryland are using voice-recognition software to help
others preserve their histories.

Feb 7th 2008

Clear Memories of Yesteryear
"The older one becomes, the more accurately the past can be remembered. It is strange that old people forget daily details of life, but clearly remember events of long, long ago. As one of those who cannot remember breakfast, it is astounding to remember so clearly things that happened so many years ago."

There is just something about this article that I love!

Summer Camp
If you ever spent time as a kid at summer camp, this article is one that
will have you thinking back on those wonderful days of summer.  I know
that it did that for me.  

This article prompted me to do a Google search for Camp Baker...the one
that I went to when I was a teenager.  I found it!  What great memories. 

A Bag of Memories
"Father noticed him taking out a faded family photo from a worn and tattered wallet. He gazed forlornly at the photo. Tears started to well up in his eyes. The sight and sound had, perhaps, evoked fond memories of his loved ones back in Japan."

This article takes a paragraph or two to get into, but you will really enjoy
it!  It is a bit sad.  Can't say that I didn't warn you!

Memories Swell in 1950s House
This is a great article from the Chicago Tribune.  This will take you on
a trip back down memory lane.  One single home from a 1950s
development in Park Forest Illinois has been preserved and is being used
as a museum to preserve memories of life in the 1950s. Impressive project

Family Memories and More

Comments and Memories

Do you have a great memory that you'd like to share? Or maybe you have a comment about the articles on
this page. Share it!

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