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Virtual Memorials

Keeping a Loved Ones Memory Alive

Virtual Memorials

Online Virtual Memorials make for a beautiful and lasting memorials for your loved ones.

You might say that they are like a modern day cave wall. It is a way to pass their story and memory on to future generations.

Everyone wants to live the kind of life that impacts those around them.

We all want to be remembered kindly and fondly by those we leave behind. Sometimes the best way to help someone we love to achieve that lasting memory is to create a living memorial for them.

Celebrate a Lifetime of Love and Great Memories

An online memorial to a loved one who has passed away is a wonderful way to not only find some closure for yourself, but to celebrate a lifetime of love and great memories.

Sharing what you know about the person that you've lost sometimes will ease the pain of loss. It may help you to better cope with being left behind and it will assist you in keeping their memory alive and sharing it with others who may not have known them so well, or spent so much time with them.

More Than an Obituary Shared on a Website

They are so much more than an obituary shared on a website. Your creativity and photos can bring the person to life for someone. For a child who hasn't had the wonderful experience of spending a lot of time with a grandparent, the loss of that grandparent can be tragic.

It deprives them of the ability to know what the person liked or disliked, what wonderful talents they had and perhaps even where they got that stubborn streak, or those beautiful blue eyes.

Available to be Viewed from Across the Country or Around the World

The advantages of creating a virtual memorial are myriad. It will be available to be viewed from across the country or around the world. Your loved one will be seen and viewed by family members and friends who have not seen them or had the chance to spend time with them recently.

It does not require a vast array of computer training or specialized knowledge to achieve a virtual memorial.

In fact, given some of the new community websites which offer specialty software that permits you to accomplish it with templates and with great ease, the means to create a beautiful and long lasting memorial for your missing loved one is more than simple today.

In fact, some of these services even allow you to password protect your work so that you may email it and hold it private for only those who you wish to view it.

Multiple People can Contribute Videos, Memories, or Photos

In addition, the virtual memorial may be opened so that multiple people can contribute videos, memories, or photos to the online site.

By offering yourself and your family a place to build memories about your missing loved one, you're helping them to find a way through their grief and to achieve a positive and loving memory of those who pass before us.

Every person alive is building a life story that they hope will affect future generations


Make sure that you tell the story for your loved ones. Keep a virtual memorial for those who were--and remain an important part of your past and your present.

Virtual memorials offer you the chance to share something priceless and wonderful with your children and grandchildren. You can give them the gift of their past and bring a family member to life for them with an online virtual memorial.

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